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Welcome to African 4u - African Decor, Arts & Crafts and Curios from the Heart of Africa
Enchant in the Magical Essence of Africa....
Welcome to African 4u - African Decor, Arts & Crafts and Curios from the Heart of Africa
Welcome to the African4u authentic collection. With our vast range of original African artefacts you are sure to find that exclusive creation for your home.

We offer:
- Handcrafted African curios in wood and stone
- Authentic African sculptured wildlife
- Unique African paintings on canvas and limited edition prints
- Handcrafted tribal and ceremonial masks
- And so much more...

At African4u all our products are genuine, handmade and of ingenious design. Due to the nature of the crafts, no two items will be exactly the same, therefore guaranteeing you an orthodox & unique product. Your artefact comes from the Heart of Africa...

The majority of African masks and various other artefacts are sculptured from wood due to the quality and sufficient availability in Africa. Each masterpiece is an "original" and unique piece of work, produced by master crafts-men of the tribe, this skill has been passed down from generation to generation. The products may be of a similar style but no two are identical, therefore also displaying exclusivity. Each article you purchase tells an extraordinary story, is natural and authentic, even funky or lifelike where possible, nevertheless they are personally designed and crafted for you.

Tribal masks are used by the tribes for various ceremonies and bring luck, love or happiness to the family, hence the diverse facial expressions, colours, shapes, sizes and intricate designs on the masks. Each design, accessory and expression has a particular meaning for each culture.
The masks project beauty and mystique.
Soapstone Photo
African4u was established in 2004 and are based in the UK, with a view to supplying genuine art, artefacts and other products, generally from all over Africa. At African4u we can offer you a large and unique selection of African products bringing to you the African essence of passion, love and life of the artist's work.